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Tuinmakers, your partner for total garden projects

In need for a big tree?

We are a company specialised in planting all types of solitary shrubs and trees, from standard to very large sizes. Our specially adapted machinery allows us to find an appropriate solution for each project. If a site appears to be inaccessible, delivery by helicopter is an option. A well-known saying inspired us: “By the time the tree is big, the planter surely will be dead”. We provide a solution by using adult trees and solitary shrubs, which guarantee instant result and give your residence or company premises the character they deserve.
We strictly select all trees and shrubs in Belgium and abroad, in close consultation with the customer. After the selection, we prepare the site in order to create the perfect station for the new planting. We subsequently arrange transport, as our machinery can handle any type of tree or shrub.


To ensure your instant privacy, we cooperate with our partner Quickhedge to offer you the possibility to use instant hedges, which are available in
almost every variety. Large solitary shrubs complete a unique design, and allow you to enjoy instant result and a beautiful landscape.

Plants, trees

Our expert team and extensive machinery allow us to use unique plants and trees within a custom garden design. Maintenance is carried out by our own staff.


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